Orianne Collins

Orianne Collins
Having traveled the globe since she was small, Orianne Collins has absorbed many cultures and become a designer of dreams with a sophisticated style, one of those entrepreneurial ladies who divide their time between business meetings, family and creation.

Orianne Collins Jewellery draws on all sorts of influences: emotions, dreams, graphic design and art. A style constellation which now offers modern women striking or unusual jewellery combinations, with poetic, artistic or ingénue ideas, each of them suited to one woman in particular.

Through these ten different worlds of jewellery the collection expands into a real kaleidoscope of urban and traditional trends in a contemporary classic vein.
By multiplying the possibilities, the designer is not content with covering her tracks. She sees a new need for individualism and personal freedom, while preserving the basic criteria of style and allure.

Orianne Collins Joaillerie Collection Romance Orianne Collins Joaillerie Collection Signature Orianne Collins Joaillerie Collection Just for Men Orianne Collins Joaillerie Collection Romance